Why Shoot in a League?

Why should I shoot in a league?  I can pick-up my bow right before season, shoot a few arrows and I am ready. How many of our buddies have said this or maybe you have said this. With today’s technology in bows, it is not really out of the question that a bow hunter can get away with not practicing much, I would guess  that the people who do not practice much have a lower percent of making a good clean kill shot. I feel as a bowhunter, we have a responsibility to the animal to make a quick clean kill, as much as possible when we are hunting.

3-D courses are just like hunting, but you don’t have to drag out what you harvest. You just score, pull your arrows and move to the next spot. By the time league is over you have taken 240 shots at animals similar to the shots you will find when you are actually hunting.  When you pull back on a whitetail in October, you have already made the shot numerous times and have the confidence to make a good shot.

The winter indoor target league, is to work at your shooting form for consistency. (getting ready for 3-D and hunting) We shoot on Wednesday’s, for 12 weeks, shot at 20 yards archery targets.

The spring 3-D league is it tests our judgment of distances while trying while trying to hit a spot on the animal. We shoot on Tuesdays, for 8 weeks. (open class 50 yards max.) (bow hunter class 40 max.)

The spring target league is shot at known distances (30,40,50 yards) for six weeks

The fall 3-D league is testing our bowhunting shooting skills, (25 yards and under) runs for 4 weeks.

We have 4-H youth archery in the winter for 12 weeks, teaching youth shooting skills.

Shooting a league at Grand Traverse Archers is open to all shooters, men, women, and kids. Leagues are run with a handicap system, and we use flights so shooters only shoot against people in there own skill range.

In other words it is just plain fun shooting with shooting with friends, family, or just by yourself. It does not matter if you are a bowhunter or not we have non-hunters who enjoy our leagues. If you still do not want to join a league, come and shoot with us when you can as an open shooter.